Our Companies



Stein & Associates is a long term care consulting company specializing in the operation of skilled nursing facilities. With more than a decade of experience, our knowledgeable team is comprised of registered nurses, administrators, health care consultants, and accountants. Our primary aim is to help our clients appropriately maximize reimbursement while controlling costs. With our hands on approach and communicative style, you will see progress every step of the way. You will find that we not only identify problematic areas, but we offer proactive solutions to help repair the identified problems. Whether we provide full service operations consulting, Medicare program consulting, or complete year-end cost reports, our clients consistently realize a return on their investment.



Stein Ancillary Services is a client focused rehab company that delivers therapy from a facility perspective. Our contract services integrate with your facility staff to form a true inter-disciplinary team focused on positive outcomes. What started as a solution finding a therapy provider for the nursing homes under our management has grown into a company in partnership with approximately 100 facilities in the southeast, making us a regional leader. Our senior management has years of experience helping to ensure that facility partners appropriately maximize their Medicare reimbursement, while delivering excellent clinical care. We offer programs for physical, occupational, and speech therapy.



Mississippi based therapy company, Progressive Therapy Solutions, is owned and operated by a nursing home administrator, which keeps us focused on the needs of our nursing home partners. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy with outstanding programs geared to improving the quality of life of your residents. It is our policy to work closely with the nursing staff of the facilities to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to each residents’ plan of care.



LTC Rehab 2 is a therapy company focused on delivering outstanding clinical outcomes while operating from a nursing home perspective. Our therapists are fully trained in all aspects of long term care and will work diligently to become a valued part of the facilities inter-disciplinary care team. Our services are customized to meet the needs of our clients. 

We pride ourselves on being able to staff and operate facilities in both urban and rural settings and realize that building a relationship with the communities in which we serve the facilities is vital to our success. Our goal has always been that our therapists are an extension of the nursing facility in which they work and we totally integrate into the operations of each home in both care of residents and marketing to the community.



Blue Bonnet Therapy Services is a Texas based therapy company that is owned and operated by nursing home administrators. Our mission is to provide quality care and to deliver outstanding clinical outcomes. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy with outstanding programs geared to improving the quality of life of your residents. Our therapist will work closely with your nursing staff in order to provide a complete interdisciplinary solution.


Lighthouse Therapy & Rehabilitation

Lighthouse Therapy and Rehabilitation is owned and operated by local community professionals, which keeps us focused on the needs of patients as well as being a good community partner. We understand the importance of providing a quality therapy service to our patients to enable them to improve and maintain their highest level of independence and function.


Lighthouse Therapy and Rehabilitation provides physical, occupational and speech therapy in post-acute facilities. Our therapy staff works with nursing personnel to deliver an inter-disciplinary plan of care for each patient. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care with focus on healing the body, building confidence in the mind and mending the spirit of each patient.



ViaCare offers therapy-staffing solutions for home healthcare providers. It is our vast network of therapists that allows us to offer your organization such great value at a competitive price even in many rural locations. We have a team of talented physical, occupational, and speech therapists, offering many specialized programs, to provide care and compassion to Oklahoma’s homebound. To learn what ViaCare Therapy Services can do for your patients, visit our website or give us a call.


Four Points Education

Four Points Education is an online continuing education university where healthcare professionals can get their required CEUs.  What started as a way for only our staff  to have direct access to a wealth of continuing education and professional development tools became an online location where we could offer these same benefits to other healthcare professionals.



TruCare Pharmacy specializes in meeting the needs of long-term care facilities. The key to our success lies in a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the long-term care arena. Our primary goal is to ensure that your facility gets the products and support it needs through our team of well trained and experienced professionals. Offering services from pharmacy care plans and consultations to resident medication assessments and education of residents, families and staff, TruCare pharmacy has something to add value to your long-term care facility. Email sales@trucarepharmacy.com to learn more about our services and customized a plan for your facility.



phone: 228-872-5848

At Integrity Medical, we realize that in caring for your patients, you have enough to do already. Let us handle your prescription for medical equipment and supplies. Our team has an extensive background in rehabilitation services and understands the healing process and the equipment your patient needs to make quick gains on the road to recovery. With two offices in Arkansas and Mississippi, you can be assured of a prompt response, a friendly voice, and a team of professionals who understand the medical process.



QIequip is software designed by long term care professionals for long term care professionals. Our team has backgrounds in clinical, operations, management, ownership, marketing, and technology and ease of use is our goal. We offer a streamlined software because we understand the less time you spend at your computer, the more time you spend giving your residents the best possible care. QIequip currently has modules for administrative, clinical, and financial data, but per our “wish list” feature, we are continuously growing and giving our clients a voice in what they want. With basic reporting tools, tracking tools, and trending analysis tools, QIequip has emerged to match the challenge of managing multi-facility environments.



Rehab Management Solutions was developed by a team that owns and operates a SNF contract-based therapy company. The goal was simple: To develop a software program that will perform all the functions needed to track and record treatments, allow for documentation that meets all regulatory compliance standards and integrate with most major EMR software packages to make submission of claims seamless and effective. The software was streamlined to perform all these tasks easily with minimal training and not burdened with extra modules not commonly used in the SNF environment. The resulting product, RMS, has been tried and tested in several states and in conjunction with several different LTC software packages to date and is performing well.