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Stein LTC was founded by brothers, Paul and James Stein, in 1999. The two of them had grown up in the nursing home business with a mother that worked in long term care for over thirty years. Both brothers were working for different companies in the long term care arena when the opportunity arose to begin their own consulting company, Stein & Associates.

Paul’s background is in operations, and he has worked in several capacities over the years including as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. James’ background is in finance, and he has worked for several nursing home owners and consulting companies in such areas as acquisitions and reimbursement. They built their business with the philosophy of always providing service that exceeds their clients' expectations and doing so in a professional manner with integrity and honesty as a cornerstone.

After they began managing their first few facilities, the consulting side of their company grew quite rapidly in the areas of billing, operations consulting, and maximizing reimbursement. Several clients were added that did not need help with the whole facility, but instead needed assistance in specific areas of operation. In an effort to provide better therapy services to their clients, Stein Ancillary Services was formed to service the facilities that were clients of Stein & Associates. Stein Ancillary was blessed with tremendous growth by providing outstanding clinical outcomes while appropriately maximizing reimbursement. This company has formed great relationships with numerous operators in the markets they serve and continue to be an industry leader in long term care therapy. Stein Ancillary now proudly serves over 90 facilities and continues to grow into new markets.

Stein LTC prides itself on continuing to explore new ancillary revenue streams and is now participating in the arenas of closed door pharmacy, durable medical equipment and temporary staffing. We will continue to look for areas of growth that are centered around our core strengths of long term care operations.

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